Internship: Construction Forman Internship

Last Updated: September 20, 2023



Internship Training Plan Objectives
Timeframe During Internship
I)                    Human Resource Training


a.       Overview of policies and procedures

b.       Training on:

–          Time management software

–          DOR sales tax submission

–          Client correspondence

–          Necessary accounting and receipt tracking

–          Employee file management (evaluations/reprimands)

–          Keep work calendar up to date
Week 1
II)                  Excavation


a.       Overview of machines and their workings

b.       Learn job specifics for foundations, septic, lot clearing, etc.

c.       Directing materials on and off jobsite

d.       Research county records for backfill requirements, staking property lines, etc.

e.       Verify project dimensions and size

f.        Learn specifics of digging utilities
Weeks 2 – 5
III)                Framing


a.       Learn how to:

–          Read blueprints and understand the engineer’s specifics

–          Lay out a truss plan

–          Follow a sheer schedule

–          Follow elevations for wall heights

b.       Install:

–          Brackets, straps, etc. for inspection callouts

–          Specific sheeting based on floors, walls and roof

c.       Ensure framework is prepared for mechanical sub-contractors
Weeks 5 – 8
IV)                Siding


a.       Learn about the multiple types of siding and how to install each (LP, Hardie, Stone, etc.)

b.       Overview of scaffolding and any lifts needed

c.       Review architects plans to ensure balance is achieved

d.       Ensure all joints are calked prior to paint
 Weeks 8 – 9
V)                  Paint


a.       Learn the paint systems for each texture within a house

b.       Understand the requirements of exterior, interior and finish trim painting

c.       Learn the different options available for interior and exterior applications
Weeks 9 – 10








VI)                Interior Finish Work


a.       Learn the specifics of how to install:

–          Interior doors, trim and cabinets based on given floor plan

–          Interior floor

–          Tile showers (follow waterproofing requirements)

b.       Learn the procedures required for each type of flooring
Weeks 10 – 12

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