Explore Frequently Asked Questions about the WorkEx program.

What if My Business is More Than 50 Miles from JBLM?

If the internship is beyond the 50 mile radius to Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA please refer identified candidates to contact our team at  [email protected]

How Do I Begin?

  • To become a WorkEx Employer Partner, you will submit an application and sign a business agreement in order to ensure transparency of expectations as an Employer Partner
  • Employer Partners submit a training plan and WorkEx Host Employer Agreement for each intern to ensure resources are available for mentorship and training for the duration of the internship
  • WorkEx does require that your company offers, at a minimum, an informational interview to the candidate at the completion of the internship
  • If the internship is within 50 miles of Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA please refer identified candidates to the JBLM
  • Career Skills Briefing held Mondays at 12 noon at Hawk Career Center

What Are The Benefits to My Business?

  • You develop the internship, customizing the training and mentorship according to the role you may be able to hire for
  • You select the WorkEx intern based on your competitive process and get to know them within your company’s work environment
  • The intern is paid by the military during the internship period, so there is no risk, liability, or payroll cost
  • You are under no obligation to hire the intern, rather this is a work experience that will enhance the intern’s ability to
  • transition into employment after leaving the military
  • WorkEx program does not charge a fee to facilitate the approval of your internship for the service member

Is it possible to do an internship outside of the US?

Yes, it is possible. You will need to be cleared by your unit to travel and work in a foreign country. Also, you will be require to obtain a memorandum from your S2 (Intelligence Officer) stating “SM has been briefed on the risk potential in the country as well as working with a foreign business and there is no issue with the candidate participating.”

Do I have to go through WorkEx to get an internship approved?

The WorkEx team is an approving authority for customized, individual internships and not only processes the required documentation for the candidate, but vets the company and the internship opportunity. There are many steps and documents required in the process for both the candidate and the business to protect both entities. Our process is the fastest and most streamlined, seen as the best practice in military transition internships for small and medium sized organizations within the Pacific Northwest. You may choose to pursue an internship through the CSP/DoD SkillBridge office at your local base. There are other programs such as the Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship, which is a cohort- based, national program and HireMilitary which focuses on nationwide internships with larger corporations.

What do I do if I am not located within 50 miles of JBLM, Washington or the internship is outside the 50-mile radius?

Our team is located near Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA. Remote candidates must work diligently to develop their opportunity and complete the required documentation within the correct time frame (within the last 180 days of service.) If steps are not properly followed, the back and forth of email and phone communication can delay processing. For location outside of our region an O-6 is required to approve your Memo of Permission, rather than the O-5 that is required locally.

How can I seek opportunities to create a Washington State agency WorkEx internship?

Attend a monthly VERG (Veteran Employee Resource Group) meeting to network with state agency recruiters. Information regarding next VERG meeting for service members seeking WA state employment/WorkEx internships can be found here.

What are the requirements regarding employment post-completion of the WorkEx program?

The WorkEx program provides service members and military spouses the ability to acquire employment skills, knowledge, and/or abilities to assist service members with job opportunities in the civilian sector. Eligible host employers must offer a high probability of post- service employment (minimum $15/hour, full-time, and non-commission based opportunities) with the provider or other employers in a field related to the opportunity. Participants are not entitled to a job at the conclusion of the WorkEx internship with that specific industry partner or employer simply by virtue of completing the internship, but are guaranteed, at minimum, an informational interview.

Is a targeted resume required even if I have identified a pre-approved internship opportunity with a prospective host employer?

Yes, a targeted resume is a CSP and WorkEx program requirement for all WorkEx participants. If you do not currently have a targeted resume and would like additional support in creating one, please register for a targeted resumé class in person or virtually to receive guidance and support as you create your targeted resume.

How do I know when I am ready to meet with the WorkEx team?

Once you have attended the CSP briefing, completed the WorkEx orientation, determined WorkEx eligibility, and are within 6-9 months (no later than 3 months) of your last day in service (ETS/MED Board/retirement date), please reach out to the WorkEx team via: https://workexmilitary.org with your targeted resume attached to request an intake appointment