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The WorkEx Approach

How does it work?

The WorkEx program acts as the approving authority for a customized, individual internship and is an approved Career Skills (CSP)/DoD SkillBridge program based at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington State.

The WorkEx program allows eligible active duty transitioning service members and military spouses (as funding is available) to participate in a 4-12 week (up to 180 days with chain of command approval) hands-on work based learning opportunity with a  host employer (local or remote) to bridge the gap in skills and experience needed to land a full-time career opportunity within the civilian workforce.

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Frequently Asked

  • You develop the internship, customizing the training and mentorship according to the role you may be able to hire for
  • You select the WorkEx intern based on your competitive process and get to know them within your company’s work environment
  • The intern is paid by the military during the internship period, so there is no risk, liability, or payroll cost
  • You are under no obligation to hire the intern, rather this is a work experience that will enhance the intern’s ability to
  • transition into employment after leaving the military
  • WorkEx program does not charge a fee to facilitate the approval of your internship for the service member
  • To become a WorkEx Employer Partner, you will submit an application and sign a business agreement in order to ensure transparency of expectations as an Employer Partner
  • Employer Partners submit a training plan and WorkEx Host Employer Agreement for each intern to ensure resources are available for mentorship and training for the duration of the internship
  • WorkEx does require that your company offers, at a minimum, an informational interview to the candidate at the completion of the internship
  • If the internship is within 50 miles of Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA please refer identified candidates to the JBLM
  • Career Skills Briefing held Mondays at 12 noon at Hawk Career Center

If the internship is beyond the 50 mile radius to Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA please refer identified candidatesto contact our team at [email protected]