Compass Security

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Security Professionals providing Armed security, Unarmed Security, Executive Protection services.
Last Updated: April 12, 2023

At Compass Security we recognize the importance of supporting our client’s needs in a discernible manner. Our security professionals demonstrate the highest levels of integrity, justice, diligence and respect in the performance of their duties.

Consistent, judicious and reliable define our people and the services we provide. We work to ensure that our clients are well protected and they know Compass Security will be supporting their security needs exactly how they expect – all the time.

Compass Security clients are very discerning and expect the highest levels of professionalism. The security professionals we employ are fully licensed, well trained and possess a strong blend of skill and experience.

Available Internships

This Organization Customizes Internships for Applicants (and may not list all available internships in the WorkEx Directory)

Security Field Operations Managers are responsible for coordinating the operations a team of security professionals, ensuring protection of our client’s physical assets, properties, and resources. 

  • Coordinating with the Field Training Officers to train and coach security personnel to company standard and client expectations.
  • Maintaining safety regulations and procedures to minimize risk of workplace injury or death.
  • Reviewing incidents and written reports to implement strategies that will reduce the likelihood of a future occurrence.
  • Assigning a schedule and guard duties to security personnel.
  • Actively requiting high quality candidates in the field.
  • Develop strong hiring, training and retention programs. 
  • Maintaining a high level of customer service for our clients 
  • Eliciting new contracts
  • Assist in developing financial strategies 


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